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Sometimes, it takes a long and tiring process to be a successful man. Because not all we have planned come true, an obstacle always come whenever and wherever we are. therefor, we need not only skill but also patience to face and solve all of the problems which will get in our way .


Third Task (Predictions For Asteroid to Hit Earth)

NOVEMBER 28, 2015

2016 predictions are already warning us to watch the skies in fear. One preacher named Ricardo Salazar is already predicting the end of the world via an asteroid impact on Earth, which will then herald in the Anti-Christ of the Bible four years later in 2020. NASA has tried telling everyone not to be concerned about asteroids or meteors, but that won’t stop the conspiracy theories.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, some are predicting that Mitt Romney will be a last minute 2016 entry in the presidential race. If that’s not enough to cause the end of the world for you, the U.S. military is really preparing their WMD bioweapon defense teams, which eerily resembles the fiction related to a zombie apocalypse virus.

To put these asteroid predictions for 2016 into perspective, some predicted the end the of the world back in September of 2015 when a killer asteroid was supposed to coincide with the Blood Moon prophecies. Even famous Christian leader Pat Robertson has said an asteroid impact on Earth is eventually going to happen since “there isn’t anything else that will cause the seas to roil, that will cause the skies to darken, the moon and the sun not to give their light” like the events described in the Bible.

“So, hey, just get ready… Get right… It could be next week, it could be 1,000 years from now. But nevertheless, we want to be ready whenever the Lord says, ‘I’m wrapping it up, and it’s time to come home.’”

What Does NASA Say About An Asteroid Or Meteor Impact?
The consternation over the September asteroid predictions reached such a level that NASA was forced to release a statement.

“NASA knows of no asteroid or comet currently on a collision course with Earth, so the probability of a major collision is quite small,” a NASA spokesman said. “In fact, as best as we can tell, no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years.”

That is not to say that NASA is not concerned about an asteroid hitting the Earth at all. The theme of the 2015 IAA Planetary Defense Conference (PDC) discussed a fictional asteroid impact on Earth, and over 100 scientists gathered to determine how to effectively track near-Earth objects (NEO).

Fortunately, scientists have already put at least one system together that will help. The Asteroid Terrestrial-Impact Last Alert System (ATLAS) went live in the summer of 2015 and this asteroid impact early warning system consists of “two telecopes, 100 miles apart, which automatically scan the whole sky several times every night looking for moving objects.” Although the ATLAS team has not made any 2016 predictions on their blog, the system can “provide one day’s warning for a 30-kiloton ‘town killer,’ a week for a five-megaton ‘city killer,’ and three weeks for a 100-megaton ‘county killer.’”

A graphical representation of an asteroid clashing against earth. An asteroid is going to whiz past earth on Halloween day.

Predictions For 2016: Asteroid To Hit Earth In May?
Despite the protestations by NASA, some insist that the skies are soon to be deadly. Earlier in 2015, Pastor Ricardo Salazar, from the Global Church of the King of Israel, in Tokyo, Japan, claimed that a “murderous” asteroid will strike the world in order to bring about doomsday prophecies related to the Anti-Christ.

“The asteroid that is coming to earth at 30,000 km per hour, that is made mainly of ice, is nine kilometers [5.6 miles] in diameter and it is a murderous one – it is going to hit the ocean,” Salazar said, according to Express. “In 2020 the Anti-Christ will come in the middle of a destroyed world that desperately will seek for peace.”

Salazar claims the asteroid will impact in the ocean, generating monstrous tsunamis which will sweep the globe. All in all, he is predicting that 1.2 billion people will die on May 16, 2016.

“Also the consequence will be famine in the world, infection, cholera…they will die and good neighbors will kill each other for food,” he added.

NASA has yet to comment on these 2016 predictions directly, but the scientists do maintain a NASA asteroid impact risk table that lists all of the potential near Earth objects that may be of concern. The table lists the years in which an asteroid may be in range of Earth and although the list of 2016 asteroids is fairly long the good news the Torino Impact Hazard Scale is a long list of zeroes, meaning that NASA feels “likelihood of a collision is zero, or is so low as to be effectively zero”.

Source by :  http://www.inquisitr.com/2595270/2016-predictions-asteroid-impact-on-earth-end-of-the-world-anti-christ-what-does-nasa-say-meteors-hitting-earth/



Often heard the news that there will be an asteroid might hit Earth. It is not enough to make occipital feathers we once stood. How not, if an asteroid hit the Earth with huge size or kissed our Earth, then there will be different to our fate as the fate of the dinosaurs extinct for millions of years ago. In the discussion this time we will try to understand more deeply what is asteroids, whether he could potentially harm the Earthup to the ways of knowing and clarify its not statement who says thatEarth will be hit by a asteoroid.

The asteroid is the heavenly bodies that orbit the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. The number of asteroids not only one but dozens, even hundreds of billions. Because of the many asteroids that gathered between Mars and Jupiter then astronomers refer to this area as the asteroid belt. The shape of the asteroid itself is not like the Earth and the stars tend to be spherical. There is a stone oblong-shaped and some are irregular shaped stones. His assortment of any size ranging from 1 meterto tens of meters. The composition of the Material forming any of hismanifold, there is a majority be composed of rocks and some are composed of iron. If it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere then the asteroid was renamed Meteor and when he fell to earth so he would change name again becomes a meteorite.

Based on above the article, my own opinion that the end of life in the world it’s always going to happen, end of the world was called the Apocalypse. Inside the Al-quran just mentioned that doomsday will occur, but no one knows when it will happen. Therefore it seems to me that the name was a natural phenomenon must always occur, such as the asteroid might hit Earth, and surely there are consequences arising due to natural phenomena. Whatever predictions or forecasts expressed by many stakeholders of the existence of a heavenly bodies i.e. the asteroid might hit Earth, don’t make us as human beings to be really afraid of, whose name must be a catastrophe occurs and is inevitable, therefore weas humans can only worship and pray to avoid the dangers that wouldbefall.




Task Fifth

Nama   :  Foni Hamdila | 13212026

Kelas   :  4EA16

1.      If the boarding houses …… by all the boarders, the boarding houses all silent.

A.    Leaves

B.     Is left

C.     Is leave

D.    Are left

E.     Left

2. Casualities ……. by the dutiful competent rescuers under the ruin of skyscraper after earthquake.

A.    Seek

B.     Are seek

C.     Are seeks

D.    Sought

E.     Are sought

3.      Rust …… the fence of the boarding house look dirty

A.    Make

B.     Makes

C.     Is made

D.    Is make

E.     Are made

4.      The orphans ……. in front of their boarding house almost every day

A.    Are eaten

B.     Ate

C.     Eats

D.    Is eaten

E.     Eat

5.      Earthquake ……. boarding house, skyscrapers and others buildings

A.    Ruin

B.     Is ruined

C.     Is ruins

D.    Ruins

E.     Ruining

6. The boarder …… porridge in the veranda of the gorgeous boarding house every afternoon

A.    Are eat

B.     Eats

C.     Are eaten

D.    Eat

E.     Is eaten

7.   Many casualities ……. unde the ruin of skyscrapers

A.    Are founded

B.     Find

C.     Finds

D.    Are found

E.     Are find

8. The agile rescuers …… the casualties of earthquake under the ruin of skyscrapers almost 24 hours every day

A.    Is sought

B.     Seeks

C.     Are sought

D.    Are seek

E.     Seek

9.     Fuel …….residue in a tank of motorcycle little by little

A.    Leaves

B.     Leave is

C.     Is left

D.    Are left

E.     Leave

10.  Many casualties …… the ruin of huge skyscraper.

A.    Under

B.     Are under

C.     Is under

D.    Are undering

E.     Do under

11.  According to a teacher of DD english course, the sophomore …… english

A.    Masters

B.     Master

C.     Is mastered

D.    Masters

E.     Are mastered

12.  Look !! Prince and princess …… gorgeous crown in now.

A.    Wear

B.     Wears

C.     Are worn

D.    Is worn

E.     Are wearing

13.  The hostile rebels …..many activies

A.    Arrests

B.     Arrest

C.     Are arrest

D.    Is arrest

E.     Are arrested

14.  The new policy…… many civillians to defy the goverment

A.    Cause

B.     Causes

C.     Is cause

D.    Are caused

E.     Is caused

15.  Telephone numbers of DD English course ……. in http://www.toefld-denglish.com

A.    Is found

B.     Are founded

C.     Find

D.    Are found

E.     Is founded

16.  Dadang dachjar …… of english books

A.    An author

B.     Does an author

C.     Is an author

D.    An authors

E.     Is an authoring

17.  Crude oil …… from a few hundreds feet to more then twenty thousand feet below the earth’s surface

A.    Is finding

B.     Is find

C.     Is found

D.    Is founded

E.     Is founding

18.  The faithful, dutiful, brave Indonesia soldiers …… every inch of Indonesia archipelago territory

A.    Defending

B.     Are defended

C.     Are defend

D.    Defend

E.     Defends

19.  The agile rescuers …… the casualties of earthquake under the ruin of skyscapers soon

A.    Is sought

B.     Seeks

C.     Are sought

D.    Are seeking

E.     Seek

20.  The voluntary workers ……… food as well as clothing for the unfortune casualties of earthquake currently

A.    Send

B.     Sends

C.     Are sending

D.    Are seeking

E.     Seek

Answers :



3. B

4. E

5. D

6. B

7. D

8. E

9. A

10. B

11. A

12. E

13. B

14. B

15. A

16. C

17. C

18. D

19. D

20. C

Etika Bisnis #


Menurut pendapat saya etika bisnis dapat diartikan sebagai suatu nilai – nilai yang baik yang diterapkan dalam lingkungan berbisnis. Jadi nilai – nilai baik itu bisa berupa akhlak, moral, perilaku dan tindakan seseorang ketika berhadapan dengan orang lain ataupun juga sikap yang ditunjukan seseorang dalam melakukan kegiatan bisnisnya, dimana bisnis yang dijalankannya itu memiliki tujuan untuk mendapatkan keuntungan yang besar. Maka dari itu etika sesorang dalam berbisnis menunjukkan seberapa sukses dia mampu mencapai target dari bisnis yang dibuatnya.

Etika akan mempengaruhi bagaimana sebuah bisnis itu bisa berjalan dengan baik dan berkembang dengan sangat pesat, karena dengan adanya etika baik yang tumbuh dalam lingkungan usaha atau bisnis, maka akan membuat bisnis tersebut memiliki nilai tambah tersendiri yaitu dengan terciptanya lingkungan kondusif bagi pemilik bisnis itu maupun para pekerja didalamnya dikarenakan sudah tertanamnya nilai – nilai yang baik tadi.

Oleh karena itu menurut pengetahuan saya etika dalam berbisnis itu sangatlah diperlukan karena akan menentukan arah perkembangan bisnis itu sendiri, dengan adanya struktur organisasi yang didirikan dengan mengedepankan setiap etika baik tersebut, maka koordinasi yang tercipta antara semua devisi dalam bisnis itu bisa berjalan dengan lancar. Walapun masih banyak faktor pendukung lainnya diluar etika bisnis tersebut yang menjadi bagian penentu dalam kesuksesan sebuah bisnis. Tapi yang jelas etika bisnis bisa mencangkup segala aspek yang berkaitan dengan hubungan antara individu, perusahaan dan lingkungan eksternal perusahaan tersebut.

Contoh implementasi etika bisnis dalam sebuah perusahaan

Saya mengambil contoh penerapan Etika Bisnis pada perusahaan Astra Otoparts, adapun Etika bisnis yang telah diterapkan pada Astra Otopart diantaranya :

  1. Transparansi, perusahaan menerapakan prinsip keterbukaan dimana selalu menerbitkan laporan tahunan secara berkala, serta laporan lainnya yang diperlukan untuk memberikan informasi bagi yang pihak yang mebutuhkan.
  2. Pertanggung jawaban, Prinsip akuntabilitas ini diterapkan untuk membuat pembagian yang jelas mengenai wewenang, termasuk untuk merincikan tugas dan rapat pemegang saham, dewan komisaris dan direksi.
  3. Tanggungjawab, perusahaan memiliki tanggungjawab untuk mematuhi undang – undang tentang perpajakan.
  4. Kemandirian, Astra Otopart menerapkan prinsip kemerdekaan dengan menghormati setiap hak, kewajiban dan tugas para pengelola perusahaan dan berusaha untuk meminimalisir konflik.
  5. Keadilan, perusahaan menerapkan prinsip keadilan dimana para pemegang saham diberikan hak untuk menghadiri dan memberikan suara pada rapat umum pemegang saham sesuai dengan ketentuan undang-undang, dan perusahaan memberlakukan mitra bisnis sesuai dengan hak masing-masing. Serta perusahaan memberikan lingkungan kerja yang aman bagi karyawan serta memberikan hak karyawan sesuai dengan kinerjanya.


Sumber Referensi :


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