Task Fifth

Nama   :  Foni Hamdila | 13212026

Kelas   :  4EA16

1.      If the boarding houses …… by all the boarders, the boarding houses all silent.

A.    Leaves

B.     Is left

C.     Is leave

D.    Are left

E.     Left

2. Casualities ……. by the dutiful competent rescuers under the ruin of skyscraper after earthquake.

A.    Seek

B.     Are seek

C.     Are seeks

D.    Sought

E.     Are sought

3.      Rust …… the fence of the boarding house look dirty

A.    Make

B.     Makes

C.     Is made

D.    Is make

E.     Are made

4.      The orphans ……. in front of their boarding house almost every day

A.    Are eaten

B.     Ate

C.     Eats

D.    Is eaten

E.     Eat

5.      Earthquake ……. boarding house, skyscrapers and others buildings

A.    Ruin

B.     Is ruined

C.     Is ruins

D.    Ruins

E.     Ruining

6. The boarder …… porridge in the veranda of the gorgeous boarding house every afternoon

A.    Are eat

B.     Eats

C.     Are eaten

D.    Eat

E.     Is eaten

7.   Many casualities ……. unde the ruin of skyscrapers

A.    Are founded

B.     Find

C.     Finds

D.    Are found

E.     Are find

8. The agile rescuers …… the casualties of earthquake under the ruin of skyscrapers almost 24 hours every day

A.    Is sought

B.     Seeks

C.     Are sought

D.    Are seek

E.     Seek

9.     Fuel …….residue in a tank of motorcycle little by little

A.    Leaves

B.     Leave is

C.     Is left

D.    Are left

E.     Leave

10.  Many casualties …… the ruin of huge skyscraper.

A.    Under

B.     Are under

C.     Is under

D.    Are undering

E.     Do under

11.  According to a teacher of DD english course, the sophomore …… english

A.    Masters

B.     Master

C.     Is mastered

D.    Masters

E.     Are mastered

12.  Look !! Prince and princess …… gorgeous crown in now.

A.    Wear

B.     Wears

C.     Are worn

D.    Is worn

E.     Are wearing

13.  The hostile rebels …..many activies

A.    Arrests

B.     Arrest

C.     Are arrest

D.    Is arrest

E.     Are arrested

14.  The new policy…… many civillians to defy the goverment

A.    Cause

B.     Causes

C.     Is cause

D.    Are caused

E.     Is caused

15.  Telephone numbers of DD English course ……. in http://www.toefld-denglish.com

A.    Is found

B.     Are founded

C.     Find

D.    Are found

E.     Is founded

16.  Dadang dachjar …… of english books

A.    An author

B.     Does an author

C.     Is an author

D.    An authors

E.     Is an authoring

17.  Crude oil …… from a few hundreds feet to more then twenty thousand feet below the earth’s surface

A.    Is finding

B.     Is find

C.     Is found

D.    Is founded

E.     Is founding

18.  The faithful, dutiful, brave Indonesia soldiers …… every inch of Indonesia archipelago territory

A.    Defending

B.     Are defended

C.     Are defend

D.    Defend

E.     Defends

19.  The agile rescuers …… the casualties of earthquake under the ruin of skyscapers soon

A.    Is sought

B.     Seeks

C.     Are sought

D.    Are seeking

E.     Seek

20.  The voluntary workers ……… food as well as clothing for the unfortune casualties of earthquake currently

A.    Send

B.     Sends

C.     Are sending

D.    Are seeking

E.     Seek

Answers :



3. B

4. E

5. D

6. B

7. D

8. E

9. A

10. B

11. A

12. E

13. B

14. B

15. A

16. C

17. C

18. D

19. D

20. C


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