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Bajamba Dining Tradition in West Sumatra

           Bajamba dining or dining barapak is also called dining tradition performed by Minangkabau society by sitting together in a room or a designated place. This tradition is generally held in the days of the religion of Islam and in various traditional ceremonies, traditional parties, and other important meetings.  The Literally Bajamba dining a very deep meaning, where the tradition of eating together will bring a sense solidarity without seeing differences in social status.

              This tradition is believed to originate from Koto Gadang , Agam regency, West Sumatra, and is thought to have existed since the religion of Islam in Minangkabau around the 7th century. Therefore, manners- is in this tradition is generally based on the teachings of Islam, especially Hadits. Some of manners in this tradition include a person can only take what’s in front of him after prioritizing older people take it.

            Dining bajamba can be held in a large room or outdoors specified as in the mosque, hall, or in the field. In general, the tradition of dining bajamba followed by dozens or even thousands of people. Who follow this tradition are divided into several groups, one group consisting of 3 to 7 people. They sit in a circle around one trays containing rice with a variety of side dishes.

makan bajamba

Here are some rules of Dining Bajamba :

  1. Not mancapak, Mancapak was a snapping noise when chewing food. Bajamba Dining or feed themselves, Urang Sabana Minang Minang should know and have put this into practice. The solution, cover your mouth when chewing food.
  2. Do not drop the rest of the rice back to the trays. When rice is supposed to go into our mouths fell back to the trays, then we have ‘damage’ trays all of, because it will damage your appetite all others who ate in the trays. This is where we learn to respect the rights of others in one trays.
  3. The hand must not touch the mouth when the feeding. When hands touch the mouth, and then ‘churning’ back in the trays of food, appetite other friends will also be damaged. Here also there is a valuable lesson, how to respect the rights of others. Because of this rule, in Minang there are special techniques practiced bribe rice while eating bajamba, namely ‘fly’ food to the mouth, and waiting for the rest of the left hand so that the rice does not fall back to the trays.
  4. Spend food in the ‘region’of each. Here we are also taught to be responsible for what we choose. You sit here, then finish your part.
  5. Not poking around the middle. The middle section a little different, because there are ‘samba’ (side dishes) that all members are entitled to eat trays. Here, we examined how to respect public property to be used by all circles.
  6. Should not move from our seat before all members jamba finished eating. Although no longer involved bribing rice, there should still be in the position until it is completed. (addition of Uda Azhar Sharif)
  7. For women sit cross-legged and leaned slightly to the left, take the right hand to facilitate the food, and if no one had even been accommodated with a crumb left hand, the crumbs do not fall into jamba, but to each lap. For men sitting baselo with pursed his feet, so that looks right toe down the left thigh dfi nor vice versa. (Supplement of Mother Daughter Pitria Abbas)
  8. ‘Mamiliahi Rimah’, Clean up food crumbs which fell after the meal was finished. Even without any custom set, a Muslim must know how to maintain personal hygiene, environmental hygiene. It is also taught to take responsibility for what is done.
  9. Pray. Because this is where the core of the teachings of Adat Basandi Syarak, Syarak Basandi Kitabullah.

                  The tradition of eating bajamba largest recorded in Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) is dining bajamba in Sawahlunto city. This tradition was held in commemoration of the birthday of the city Sawahlunto to-123. In the MURI record, the event was recorded as the most common meal and the longest, because it was followed by 16.322 people.

makan bajamba (1)


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