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The Natural beauty of Lake Singkarak in West Sumatra

  • About Singkarak Lake

              Lake Batur located in two districts in West Sumatra Solok and Tanah Datar. With an area of ​​107.8 km ². This lake is upstream of Batang Ombilin. Batur lake 2nd largest on the island of Sumatra after Lake Toba.

              According to the story that is also an upstream of Batang Ombilin formerly was a vast ocean. However, due to an unusual event, where the sea was shrinking until now better known as Singkarak Lake.softskill - image

  • How to Arrive

              Nature tourism of this one was worth to visit during the holidays with family and friends. Through which access can be reached by landline. Travel can be reached using public transport or private within 2.5 hours from the city of Padang. Minangkabau International Airport, you can rent a car or public minibus Padang-Solok route and then take another transport to the lake. This trip will take you past the famous Sea Sitinjau region with sharp turns and the steep canyons.

  • Things to See and Do

              The natural beauty, cool air, clear water and a tourist attraction for a vacation to Singkarak Lake. If you want to enjoy the lake from near, tourists can rent a boat to get around the lake with reasonable price. In these places you can do boating activity up to the middle of the lake in a rented canoe. The water is clear and cool, add the beauty of the lake is very beautiful. Not far from the area of ​​the lake there is a resting place called Biteh beans, which are on the outskirts of Singkarak Lake.

           softskill - image2

               While for those sport bike those who like, can surround the Singkarak Lake while enjoying the beauty of the scenery that is so charming as rice fields, waving palm trees, look bustling fishermen catch fish, you can see along the road that circles the lake.


              In Singkarak Lake also no air sports, such as paragliding, skydiving, parasailing, paragliding or floating in the air with a beautiful view. Singkarak Lake is also known as a place that pretty promising as fishing tourist area. This is evidenced by the height in around Singkarak Lake region with the anglers who came from cities around the lake or from outside the province of West Sumatra. Other activities that can be done is a rowing sport. Rowing competitions are was held in Singkarak Lake, and is one of the local government program to promote tourist attraction, Lake Singkarak.

             The fact that the lake is at a height of 362.5 m is also inhabited by a species of fish that can only live in these waters. The fish is called Fish Bilih (Mystacoleuseus padangensis) by the local community. No one can cultivating these fish outside the habitat, even with the existing floating nets in Singkarak Lake.Fish Bilih only one in Singkarak Lake. Tasteful fish known this would be souvenirs to remember. For locals, this fish is a source of their livelihood.


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