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Tabuik Culture Festival In The City Of Pariaman (West Sumatra)

Pariaman is located in the district of Padang Pariaman, West Sumatra. Named Pariaman because meaning is “safe area”. In this area there is a Traditional festival called Tabuik, which presents the story of heroism and death of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad saw.

According to history tradition Tabuik been maintained since 1829 by the people Pariaman. Tabuik word derived from the Arabic, tabuik defined as ‘coffins’ or ‘caskets’.

Tabuik festival itself is a celebration commemorating the Day of Ashura (10th of Muharram) is recalled stories of heroism and death of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad SAW, who is also the son of Caliph Ali Bin Abithalib namely Hassan ibn Ali Saidina who died was poisoned and Saidina Hussein bin Ali who was killed in the war with army Ubaidullah bin Zaid in the desert of Karbala, Iraq on 10 Muharram 61 Hijra (681 AD). Husain Faith in that battle that killed his body was tampered with unnatural, Imam Hussein’s was decapitated head by Muawiyah soldiers. Tradition recalls Saidina Hussein Bin Ali is spread to several countries in different ways. In Indonesia, the ritual is not only commemorate events in Pariaman, but also held in Bengkulu called “Tabot”. In celebration commemorates the death of Husayn ibn Ali, Muawiya tabuik symbolizes the promise to hand the baton to the Muslim caliphate after the death of Imam Hussain. However, it turned out to be broken promise and instead raised his Jazid ie as crown prince.

tabuik 4

The majority Muslims believe the corpse Husain was being carried the sky using a Bouraq with casket who called Tabot. Vehicle Bouraq who symbolized with a form of horse chubby, headed beautiful woman become main part building Tabuik. Initially Tabuik as a symbol ritual for followers Shi’i for collect pieces of-pieces of body Imam Husein and during ritual it was the participants shouted “Hayya Husein, Hayya Husein” or which means “Living Husein, alive Husein”. However, in Pariaman shouts such has been changed its in which the bearers of and participants Tabuik will shout “Hoyak Hussein, hoyak Hussein” while shake up tower Tabuik who shaped tower and winged as well as a human head and was accompanied also with various music along with traditional tools Pariaman.

How to Making Tabuik ???

  •  Tabuik made together and involving the expert culture and history, as well as community leaders. Community groups and helping others to make Tabuik and parade. Tabuik made ​​by two group Pasar people Pariaman, the group Pasar and group Pasar Subarang . Both these areas are separated by a river which divides Pariaman. Tabuik group Pasar consists of a combination of 12 villages in Pariaman, while Tabuik Subarang consisting of a combination of 14 other villages, therefore Tabuik not only as a celebration of the death of Iman Hussein , but also can strengthen the friendship between the members of society.
  • Tabuik made ​​by both this place consists of two parts, the top and bottom that can reach 15 meters high. Represents the top of the tower-shaped coffins decorated with flowers and colorful velvet cloth. Meanwhile, the bottom of the horse’s body shape, winged, human-headed tailed and long hair. The horse is made of rattan and bamboo with smooth velvet fabric coated black and the four legs are scorpion image facing up. The horse is a symbol Bouraq, a vehicle that has the ability to fly as fast as lightning and used as Isra Miraj of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Imam Hussein believed Buraq took to the sky.
  • The middle Tabuik arch-shaped swath size up getting bigger. At the gate it pinned carving patterns typical Minangkabau. At the bottom and top of the gate is plugged in bungo Salapan or umbrella-shaped flower with eight basic colors patterned paper carving or batik. Tabuik large umbrella decorated peaks wrapped in velvet cloth and paper are also patterned decorative carvings. Plugged in on the umbrella white dove statue. Tabuik leg consists of four wooden cross beams with a length of about 20 meters. The blocks used for carry Tabuik carried around 100 adults.

tabuik 5

Tabuik Cultural Festival

In the event that duration Tabuik Traditional festival of about 10 days (1-10 Muharram)



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